Located on the south of the island, in the district of Souillac; Rochester Falls depict the perfect definition of volcanic formations and the past history of Mauritius as a whole (being a volcanic island). In fact, this waterfall is unique on its own as water flows through what seem to look like blocks of rocks (in square shapes); it gives a mesmerizing illusion and it differentiates itself from any other waterfall you will find across the island!

The waterfall is quite popular among locals and visitors as you will find a nice pond to take a dip and swim. It is located in a wild lush forest away from the rush of civilization. We think this is yet another unique selling point! The location is ideal for a day out with your group of friends. Bear in mind to leave only footprints! We let the pictures speak for themselves; you’ll want to be transported to Rochester Falls right away!


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Not recommended to visit during or after heavy rainfall
  • Cliff jumping is allowed but be extra careful as it is slippery