Rodrigues Island

Welcome to Rodrigues Island…The Satisfaction of Taking it Slow

A few hours on the island is enough for anyone to realize that they just stepped in a unique, authentic charm and a week on the island is enough to explore every corner the island have to offer. Hiking in the mountains or along the rugged coast, lying on the white beach on the east, boat trips to nearby islands, caves exploration in the limestone plain or even diving, Rodrigues has everything to offer.


The gentleness of Rodrigues life is perhaps best felt through the treasures of its seas and lands. Fishing and agriculture are the main resources bringing this tiny peaceful island, lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, its unique, authentic charm.


Enjoy a new and exciting experience in holiday adventure

  • Arriving Flights arrive at Sir Gaetan Duval Airport on the southwestern tip of the island. A public bus runs between the airport and Port Mathurin roughly every 30 to 40 minutes from 6am to 4pm. The most hassle-free way to get to and from the airport is to pre-organise a ride with your accommodation of choice. Some hotels and guesthouses will include the price of a pick-up in their room rate. Figure on Rs 600 for a taxi to Port Mathurin.
  • Bus. The main bus station is in Port Mathurin. In addition to the airport bus, the most useful routes are those to Grand Baie and Pointe Coton in the east of the island, and to Gravier, Port Sud-Est and Rivière Cocos on the south coast. All apart from the Grand Baie buses pass through Mont Lubin in the centre of the island. Most buses operate every 30 to 60 minutes from about 7am to 4pm Monday to Saturday on most routes. The Sunday service is fairly sporadic. Expect to pay Rs 15 to Rs 40 depending on your destination.
  • Car rental can be arranged through most hotels and guesthouses and local tour operators, who will deliver all over the island. Expect to pay at least Rs 1200 per day; the price is usually the same whether you have a sedan or a pick-up. Most importantly, make sure you have sufficient petrol before setting off for the day – there are only three petrol stations on the island (in Port Mathurin and Mont Lubin and near the airport), although distances are small.
  • Taxi. A few taxi are available around Rodrigues and the airport. It is recommended to take any taxi number at the airport or ask hotels and guesthouses for one
When to go

Throughout, hot and humid between November and April, temperatures range from 28 ° C to 35 ° C. During the season the dried-up rivers regain their vigor with unexpected rushes of torrents running down to the ocean and sometimes turning into cascades of spectacular and short-lived waters. It is also during the southern summer, particularly between January and March, that the cyclonic risks are the highest in Rodrigues.

Outside this period, the austral summer offers the best climate, making Rodrigues Island particularly conducive to the practice of scuba diving and deep-sea fishing.

  • November to February-Although it feels like summer all year long being close to the tropics, November to February is the heart of summer and equally the high season. Cyclones are possible during the summer period but rare.
  • March, April & September October – are generally cooler. Ideal for diving with good visibility and no cyclones.
  • May-August – is winter (Southern hemisphere) but is generally warm. It is less crowded and ideal for good deals.


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