Where are the best beaches in Mauritius, what is the best time to come to Mauritius, what is the currency ? This FAQ is designed to be helpful in providing you answers to the main questions you might have regarding our holiday & activities in Mauritius, when planning a wedding or simply organizing your visit to Mauritius. These questions were chosen based on our experience and through previous visitors-to-be feedbacks.

In case you do not find an answer to your question on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us by email on [email protected] or on our contact page.

What is the best time to come to Mauritius?

Definitely the summer months between November and April. November to February can get very hot (+30Degrees) but also humid. Be mindful it is a cyclonic period so keep an eye on the weather forecast. April and May are mild summer and September/October signals the start of summer but can still be windy in the south. In winter, between May and August, the weather along the coast is good and warm. Looking at 20 – 25 degrees during the day, it can drop to under 20 degrees at night and to a chill 18 degrees in the highlands. It can be overcast, ruining your plan for an even tan or It can get windy on the east and South Coast due to the South East trade winds. More about season here

What is the weather like?

Sunny humid in summer – November to March, temperatures reaching and exceeding 30oC, and nights can be warm, +25 oC. Expect on average  28oC -30oC in December to February. Expect sunny days with the occasional summer rains (not monsoon) in the afternoon.

Sunny and drier during the month of April – May and September – October, those are the best months to come for people not fan of high temperature and humidity. the days are warm, but nights are cooler.

Winter is normally observed to be between June and August. You’re looking at 20 degrees along the coast but can drop to under 15oC on the highlands, e.g Curepipe. You can expect the sky to be overcast with intermittent drizzle. It will get windy on the east and south coast, which is the preferred month for kitesurfers and surfers.

Check here for more info about temperatures and season

When is the rainy season?

A previous traveler can tell you rainy season is in summer because they got unlucky during their 1 week stay. There is actually no rainy season (or monsoon like in Asia). In fact, recently our reservoirs were below 50% capacity.  In summer, it can rain heavily, for few hours and winter will bring some drizzle. It can rain for a few days if there is a cyclone around.

What are the best beaches to visit?

This can vary but, judging from white sand, snorkeling, coast line vegetation etc. Below is a list of public beaches around the island that are worth visiting and considered the best on the island.

Some hotels have very good beaches which re only accessible through the hotel, giving you complete privacy.

  • Shangri la, Le Touesrok – East coast
  • Four Season – East coast
  • St Geran – East coast
  • Long Beach – East coast
  • Constance Belle Mare – East coast
  • Lux Grand Gaude – East coast
  • Lux Belle Mare – East coast

Explore all beaches in Mauritius here

What is the main religion?

Mauritius is a country of several religions. Hinduism is the main one, with over half the population. They come mainly from the arrival of the labourers when the island belonged to the United Kingdom, once slavery was abolished. Hinduism is present all over the island with colourful temples and celebrations over the year such as Maha Shivaratree or Diwali. Ganga Talao is the holiest place for Hinduism, with a 33 meters tall statue of Shiva. Check all festivals in Mauritius here!

Christianity is the second religion with a third of the population, followed by Islam with less than 20% of the population.

Is it safe to travel alone?

Yes, absolutely. You can travel to Mauritius alone, whether you’re a man or woman. Politics are very stable in the island and we are a multi-cultural population. Travelers are rarely involved in crimes or petty crimes but be aware of scams (buying a watch on the street!), or taking something before asking for the price, or going on a cheap tour to good to be true (only issue is insurance when something goes wrong). Tourist are a very welcome source of income for the island and locals tend to respect and encourage positive interaction with travelers. You can ask anyone a question anywhere, and we will help you as much as possible. Most hotels have private security and you will feel secure all the time. There are police patrolling the streets days and night and a lot of public beaches have close CCTV cameras.

Where to stay outside hotels?

There are now villas available for holidays and some Bed and breakfast style lodge. A few lodges are becoming very popular and more recently you can find it possible to spend a night or two in a Tent or in a Bubble lodge.

With Green Tourism emerging all over the world, lodges and alternative accommodations are more and more present in the centre of the island, in nature. A great way to have a quiet stay, with milder temperatures than on the coast.

What are the best hotels?

This is a hard question. It would be easier if there was a list right? First, hotels are categorized into 5☆Luxury, 5☆, 4☆and so on. Best hotels for Mauritius Explored would be location, service, and beach.

Below is a (non-exhaustive of course) list of hotels worth looking per location:

South Coast:
– Saint Regis
– Beachcomber Dinarobin
– LUX* Le Morne
– Outrigger Resort
– Heritage Le Telfair

North Coast:
– Veranda Grand Baie
– Zilwa Attitude
– LUX* Grand Gaube

East Coast:
– Four Season
– Prince Maurice
– Preskil hotel

West Coast:
– La Pirogue, Flic en Flac
– Sugar Beach, Flic en Flac

Which side of the road do we drive in Mauritius?

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What are the best activities?

There are a few activities and we listed the most popular ones here. We would recommend the following (at least 1 or 2 if you are only here for a week):

  • Catamaran cruise to ile aux cerfs/ile aux Bénitiers or Ilot Gabriel
    • Because you get to spend the whole day on a catamaran, snorkelling in some places you would not have reached otherwise, and food and drinks provided. Spending time sailing is always a winner!
  • Dolphin swim on the west coast
    • Why not really. Note that all dolphins are wild dolphins are you are not allowed to touch them
  • Horse riding on the beach
    • A very quiet activity to do. Horse-riding on the beach for 2 to 3 hours will really de-stress you
  • Helicopter tour
    • Discover the whole island and that iconic underwater waterfall at Le Morne
  • Zip line
    • Some fun to do, flying over some unspoiled location. It can be done in several places such as Casela, Domaine de l’Etoile or Lavilleon.
  • Discovering the 7 Cascades
    • This hike is about 4 hours and this place is just amazing. Walk down the gorges of Tamarind to discover all the waterfalls and swim in one of the many basins. Guide highly recommended.
  • Seakart
    • An original (kind of) boat designed by a Mauritian lad. This fast speed boat is another fun activity. You get to drive your own speedboat (Seakart). There is a safari tour that goes along the west coast to Le Morne. Absolute fun
    • Underwater sea walk
    • If you want to dive but don’t have a diving licence. You will walk 3 meters down the surface and be able to look at corals and fishes.
  • Diving
    • Discover the many treasures of the ocean, from angel fish, shark dive and caves. There are many world class dive sites and most hotels will have their own diving centre. If you never dived before, you can do an initiation dive and you will be able to dive up to 12metres.
  • Skydive
    • Looking for something you will probably never forget, why not try this. Bonus? The view over the lagoon when coming up in the plane!
Where to go out at night?

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Are there many festivals in Mauritius?

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Where can I get married in Mauritius?

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Can I get married in Mauritius?

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Where can I get a Tour guide?

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Should I rent a car or use a taxi or use the public transport?

Normally I would ask – What type of person are you and how long are you staying?

  • If you are an adventurous and exploring type, then definetly rent a car.
  • If you are staying for a week and only want to visit 1 or 2 places/activities and will stay at the hotel, use a taxi or join a day tour.
  • If you are staying longer, then that will depend on your budget. At least for a few days, rent a car to go to some places that are not serviced by public transport.

Public transport is not very reliable, especially along the coast and at night. There is no fixed bus schedule and if there is a bus, it can take you a long time to reach your destination. If you are travelling by bus, always ask for the last bus and don’t be shy to ask the driver where you should stop. The north side is better serviced that the East or South.

Rental car can be found here.

What currency is used in Mauritius?

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Can I use my dollars or euros in Mauritius?

This is not possible. You will have to exchange into Mauritian rupees either at the bank or an exchange shops around the island (Grand Baie, Port Louis or Flic en flac)

Link to rates here

Should I bring cash during my holidays?

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Can I use my Credit card to pay for food or activities?

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Is same sex marriage allowed and practice in Mauritius?

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Where can I get a priest to officiate a wedding ceremony?

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Where can I get cheap rental cars?

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Can I work during my holidays?

Unfortunately you are not allowed to work on your tourist visa during your holidays. For work visa, please enquire here.

Do I need a visa to visit Mauritius?

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