About Mauritius Explored

Planet Explored LTD is a unique advertising company in Mauritius which can offer you a constant visibility over the most popular social media platform to promote your product and image, with a very dynamic audience.

Our services involve the intelligent use of interrelated platforms including Facebook and Instagram to reach a unique and specific audience, showing interest in Mauritius and/or travelling to Mauritius.

We have gathered more than 183,000 fans on Facebook over a 6-years period and recently entertained over 111,000 followers on Instagram. The diversity and reach of our audience gives us a unique opportunity to advertise, at a very competitive rate.

The commercial appeal of our advertising campaign unfolds in a number of powerful tool, unique in the industry. The campaign is very subtle through our platform where we can focus on building an image, create awareness and desire. Repetition is also our strongest tool where we can build an identity and disguise the repetition by changing the use of photos and videos. With the increase use of social media, our ads can reach anywhere at any time.

We offer a variety of option plans that can be customized to match your expectations.



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