If there’s something we have no doubt about, it is that Mauritius was in the front row when Mother Nature was giving out blessings in the form of natural wonders!


This outstanding landmark is located in the district of Souillac and is accessible from Gris Gris beach. A walk through the lush greenery will lead you to the end of the headland where you will be able to witness this so-called optic illusion of a weeping rock (La Roche Qui Pleure).


Famous for its majestic waves, the waters on the South Coast of Mauritius crash against the cliffs, giving you the impression that the rocks are literally tearing- creating almost a mystic atmosphere that lets you wonder on what more Mauritius has to offer besides its spectacular beaches.


Leave the lifeless cities and venture into the wild of the Southern part of Mauritius to witness this almost dramatic natural wonder.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Avoid getting too close to the cliffs edge if you wish to see more of Mauritius 😉
  • It can get pretty windy up in Gris Gris, you might want to consider bringing a thin jumper
  • The cold months could be of your interest if you’re fascinated by gigantic marine mammals, also known as… whales! Do we need to say more? 🙂
  • Complete your Gris Gris experience with an ultimate road trip along the South coastline starting from the south west to the south east or vice versa !
  • Be ready for unlimited ocean spray and greet a forever goodbye to your sinusitis!


Wait for the big waves to hit!


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