Blending history and nature perfectly, Ilot Sancho  is located a canal away from the beach of Baie-de-Jacotet. Back in the days, it was where colonies prevailed over each other- a legendary naval site. Sounds like straight out of a historical book but you’ve got to know that Mauritius is much more than just beaches, luxury resorts and coconut trees. The location is a favourite surf spot in the South


In fact, Ilot Sancho  is itself the main attraction of Baie-de-Jacotet. A small canal separate both land and islet and is accessible by foot (provided you are wearing shoes-you’ll thank us for that!). Once on the islet, you get to admire magnificent views of the ocean and why not go for a treasure hunt since legend has it that the place is where pirates have for long been hiding treasure on Ilot Sancho . It is a good way to explore Mauritius.


Baie-de-Jacotet in itself is surrounded by lush greenery like most beaches on the south coast, the shore is quite rocky on some areas and you might not consider a swim there as there are fare better places down the coastal road. Nevertheless, it is indeed a good place to connect with nature and laze on the beach. You could combine both a visit to the islet and a picnic on the beach! An unavoidable spot to stop during your road trip in the South.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • To go on Ilo Sancho please remember to wear proper shoes!
  • If you’re into fishing, this could be a fruitful spot for you
  • The location is a favourite surf spot


Ideal for surf & fishing

Baie de Jacotet

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