Do you like cliff jumping? This place is for you or you can just admire in awe at this particular place where kids spring off cliffs into sea The main cliff is about 15m high but there are many levels much lower and the kids jump even from there ! Fear – inducing, thrilling and the maximum fun one can pack in just a few seconds of actions. When you look down one last time, commit to the abyss below and dive into space. And then there is the best feeling in the world when you pop to the water surface with a grin, if not a smile.

Montagne Jako is exactly just behind the Petit Verger Prison and not far from the Albion Lighthouse (Pointe aux Caves). To go there you must go to Point aux Sables and continue towards the prison. It’s not far from Port Louis, lets say around 10 Kilometres away. Anyone on your way will tell you where Montagne Jako is and you must tell them Montagne Jako not Mount Jako.

*WARNING – Be careful at Montagne Jako, it’s very dangerous


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Do not jump if you don’t know how to swim
  • Do not jump if there is bad weather and big waves
  • Do not jump alone


Cliff diving

Pointe aux Sables

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