Immerse yourself in Mauritius history and heritage with a visit to Le Domaine de St-Aubin. This estate is a converted colonial house that dates back to 1819. It is now a drooling restaurant that features a naval museum, a spectacular green botanical garden, a mini farm, an artisanal rum distillery and also a few anthurium greenhouses! It is a place that reunites every members of the family. Le Domaine de St-Aubin is the third stop along the Mauritian Tea Route; it comes after Le Domaine des Aubineaux and Le Domaine de Bois Cheri.


The location is a great photo and lunch stop while you visit Mauritius. Grab an epic shot of it’s majestic colonial house that will bring you back in ancient times. Our sincere recommendation to you is to give a try to the restaurant’s local dishes that guarantee to tickle your palate with the multitude flavors and colors- a real potpourri!


Le Domaine de St-Aubin is now officially part of Mauritius architectural heritage; you’ll definitely see why it is worth this status while visiting…


St-Aubin is also popular for its Creole house, knows as The Saint Aubin Inn; a guesthouse that features three rooms, ideal for a family. This is a dreamy experience to try out while in Mauritius. We recognize your desires to support the local artisans, to go and meet with a local and see what day-to-day life is like. And while you still want to feel the essence of Mauritius and it’s bluest seas, you are also willing to get your hands dirty a little bit during the day, at St-Aubin, they make all this possible for you to experience an exclusive customized holiday like no one else, starting by living like a local!

The estate also homes events such as weddings and end of year parties.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Try out their traditional cuisine; from lentil soups, chutneys to homemade drinks


As from 8€

All year - Every day from 10:00 to 17:00


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