Hiking Le Morne Brabant


If you haven’t come across pictures of the majestic Le Morne Mountain through social media, well there’s definitely something you’re doing wrong! Le track to the summit has been opened to the public through the recent years (as from 2016 to be precise); and since then most locals have it as their ultimate profile pictures through all social media channels! It’s become that famous! Blame it on its beauty!

Hiking Le Morne Brabant also means you’re standing on one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the past centuries, this iconic mountain used to be a refuge for the slaves and hides a tragic story behind it. We highly recommend you to read through it and learn more on the history of Mauritius and the time of slavery.

Hiking at Le Morne is somehow challenging. Of course you will be welcomed by some flat terrains but at some point, your hands will come in use as you will need to climb and hold on to ropes and well, you will need some good physical attributes to reach the top. However, one thing is for sure; no matter how many times you stop for a break or you fall ; you won’t regret any bit of it! The view offered once at the summit is truly magical; something completely out of this world – eye candy or even better… soul food!

There is no fee to enter the UNESCO World Heritage Site but you are required to fill in the visitors book (for safety reasons). You may also wish to hire a guide once on the spot so as to get more insights on the history of the site. The whole trek will take you around 3 hours as you will stop here and there along the way to enjoy the amazing views it has to offer and take a few clicks. The view at the summit is breathtaking and there’s absolutely no word to describe it! All you have to do is hike up and see it from your own eyes!

Hiking Level: Medium to Difficult


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