Walk with lions at Casela


What to do in Mauritius when you’ve seen all of the beaches; strolled around the cities and feast over some of the best gastronomy experiences? Well, we suggest a walk with lions. Yes you know, just so casual! Risk-takers, this is where you belong!

Add some adventurous encounters to your vacation in Mauritius. This is the closest you’ll come to the King of the Jungle! Forget the leashes; Casela proposes a unique and ecological walk with lions where they can walk with pride and freedom in their wild habitat. The activity includes walking side by side with lions and getting to know more on their natural habitat, their behaviors and how they differ one from each other. The guides accompanying you through the walk are experienced and licensed and will take immense pleasure in telling you all of what you want to know about wildlife, based on their past experiences and background in the field. You will also be equipped with a stick along the walk along with the lion handlers and guide. Walking with lions is an exciting, yet fun activity to do in Mauritius as you get the opportunity to satisfy your adrenaline rush through this thrilling experience. It is an activity that definitely needs to be considered while on the island as after all you are in fact in Africa; and what rhymes with Africa? SAFARI! For an hour’s duration, the activity offers you great chances to get up-closed to the lions, as well as to pet them and get that cool shot for your social media feeds! Please note that private allotments for the walking activity with lions are also available on request and at additional charges.

A few tips by Mauritius Explored:
• We recommend you to comfortable sport shoes, as you will need to … walk… with lions (obviously)
• Do pay careful attention to the safety brief conducted before the activity


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