Casela Big Cats Drive Safari


You’re gonna hear them ROAAAR! Take a drive in Casela’s latest safari-ready vehicles that are fully tricked out with contemporary comforts to glaze upon the big cats.

Experience the astonishing biodiversity of Mauritius in the natural habitats of the big cats- lions, tigers and caracals await! It is an absolute unique experience to go for while on a family vacation in Mauritius while you journey across the park’s brilliant landscapes. Throughout your safari experience, you will be directed by a guide who will give you all of the detailed facts and information you need to know about the big cats residing at Casela. Indeed, not your usual safaris drive! Get ready to take up your camera and click to no end while you spot upon the king of the jungle! Fret not, the guides and driver will do their level best so you can spot all of the big cats. Equally, the safari experience is a unique opportunity to understand the wilderness better, to respect and care for it.

All safari vehicles are fenced and secured. We don’t want you to be their dinner! There is no direct contact with the big cats; you can view them only from the safety of the fenced vehicle.

A few tips by Mauritius Explored:
• We advise you to wear comfortable attires. You are recommended to wear light clothing as it can get hot and humid along the safari.


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