Located right in front of the Mahebourg Waterfront, the Mouchoir Rouge island has been quite intriguing and is certainly a matter of curiosity; what is there on this little island and why this red-roofed house? What is its purpose?

Well, many sources have different explanations and no one is certain about what it is really about. Even those living in the region are uncertain when asked about this place. For sure, most of its infrastructure dates back since the mid 1800s. Some hundred years ago, one could walk dry-foot on low tides to this small island which was then also known as the ‘Coin-du-Mouchoir’. During the years 1860s, M. Edwin Dennie hired on bail from the government this island where he created a small salt-pan and a little garden. He also dressed a bathroom on the side facing the reefs. Some wealthy British of the times also had some of their bungalows on this island. Unfortunately the cyclone of 1892 destroyed most of everything.

Recently it is believed that the island is the second home of a doctor and named ‘Mouchoir Rouge’ in souvenir of the ‘red handkerchief’ that was waved as a signal for those who wanted to go to or return from the island, certainly not because of the red roof.

Another tale mentions the island is the property of a wealthy arab who lives on there from time to time. Unfortunately not much information is obtained from the archives on this island.

source[Vintage Mauritius]


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