One of the most amazing place to visit and sacred place, Grand bassin Mauritius is a very special place. If you have a soft spot for cultural landscapes, Grand Bassin will ignite the inner explorer in you crawling your list of “Must See” sites. Should you find it difficult to navigate your way, look up for the 108 ft monumental statue of Lord Shiva. Tucked away in the lush mountains surrounded by dense greenery on the South West of the island, Grand Bassin is most commonly referred to as The Ganga Talao or The Sacred Lake. The lake welcomes pilgrims and tourists from around the world for its dedication to Hindu culture. Relish the mystical lake, covered with flowers from offerings, blissfully reflecting the bright colours of the temples while the warm and comforting scent of incense awakens your senses. On a lucky day, you might be greeted by giant eels that patrol the sacred waters. The scenery is at its peak during sunrise and sunset. If you miss the golden hours, don’t worry as Grand Bassin remains truly fairylike throughout the entire day; like a reminder of ancient times when gods roamed the earth.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Entrance is free to Grand Bassin.
  • Dress respectably; long pants recommended. After all, it’s a sacred place of worship for many.
  • February & March are the best times to visit Grand Bassin as pilgrims embark on The Sacred Lake to make sacrifices to their gods. Leave the camera aside for a moment and soak in this unique experience!
  • A road trip to Grand Bassin on the Southern Coastline via Gris Gris would be the icing on the cake for an unforgettable day.


Must do - You might encounter locals monkeys on the way to the lake

Bois Chéri

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