Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mauritius where one gets to experience the authentic history of the island! Earning the official status of a World heritage Site has allowed the area to be preserved as a cultural property with great significance to the history of Mauritius and its link to the British colony.

The site is known to be where the first indentured laborers were welcomed before undertaking their initial jobs on the sugarcane fields’ plantations across the island. From there, some would even be transferred to nearby islands like Reunion Island and further to Australia, to other African countries and as far as the Caribbean. This migration took place between the year 1834 and 1920. It was indeed a real hub for the development of an economic system across the island. It is good to know that the Aapravasi Ghat served as the main site to test the ‘great experiment’ implemented by the British Government at that time. The latter was testing out the economy model of free labour to replace slavery.

If you’re keen to know more about the in-depth history of Mauritius, it’s colonies and heritage then this is definitely something you will enjoy as more information is available once on site.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Take a notebook ???? You might get inspired to write a post on Mauritius’ history!
  • Visit Port louis Market on the opposite side of the road or continue the trip to Caudan waterfront


Historical place


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