Catamaran cruise to Bénitiers Island

You are in Mauritius, a small dot of an island in the southern Indian Ocean. A tropical paradise. Birds are chirping, and the cool salty sea breeze caresses your skin. It’s almost 9AM. The Croisières Australes skippers are readying the catamaran. There is as much joy as warmth in the air. This is how the day begins… and it’s only going to get better!

Catamaran Cruise to Benitiers Island; A trip in Tropical Paradise

Experience the tropical marine life in its natural habitat

The first part of the catamaran cruise is focused on seeing the dolphins that live along this part of the West Coast. You will be able to see these magnificent creatures interacting with their natural habitat. Pods of Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins have made this area their home. Watching them gallivant and play in waters that shift from indigo to turquoise is an experience to behold. After the dolphins, time to get fully immersed in the marine experience. With the assistance of the crew members, you will be invited to snorkel in the crystal-clear lagoon of La Preneuse. Croisières Australes will provide the snorkelling equipment.

Chill time on the catamaran

If you do not wish to snorkel, rest assured that your time on the catamaran can be as fun! You can choose to bask in the sun on the craft’s trampoline – lather yourself with liberal amounts of sunscreen before the day! There are also seated and lounge areas on the catamaran where you can chill. Aspiring photographers will absolutely want to get shots of the picturesque coastal panorama from the catamaran. The craft is also a great place for selfies with friends and family. You know what they say: pictures, or it didn’t happen!

Tantalising food & exploration of Bénitiers Island

Food is life, and Croisières Australes celebrates life the tropical way! You can choose between BBQ meat, chicken, calamari brochettes, fish or the selection of salads. Lunch is served on the catamaran, while sailing towards Crystal Rock. This rock formation is an iconic aquatic attraction. If you want to make the lunch more special, let them know. There is a selection of fine tropical foods of premium quality – this includes fresh lobster, which you absolutely have to try! Beverages, soft drinks, rum, local wine and water will be available during the whole trip. After lunch, you have the choice to stay on the catamaran or to go on an exploration trip to Bénitiers Island (Île aux Bénitiers). This islet’s pristine beaches and turquoise lagoon will enchant you. It is a perfect spot for romantic walks, or tanning on the beach.

The day ends with sweetness…

At 3.30PM, our skippers will take you back to the Le Morne Angler’s Club in Black River, while enjoying an assortment of fruits and crêpes with coffee. A sweet ending to a perfect day…

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