Kayaking- Ile D’Ambre


Your ultimate eco-tourism adventure starts right there! How does kayaking through untouched islets and hidden coves sound to you? This unique kayaking activity let you immerse in the most beautiful sceneries around Mauritius where peace and serenity co-exist.

Kayaking at Ile D’Ambre has lots to offer while you go through mangroves and learn more on their existence. All we ask you to do is to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature as you kayak gently through this amazing Ile D’Ambre mangrove ecosystem; yet without disturbing the native flora and fauna. This kayaking tour is a favorite for all ages and skill levels

A few tips by Mauritius Explored:
• We highly recommend bringing a bottle of water and items that you would normally have while you are in the sun (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses).
• Cameras are okay, but we suggest putting them in a zipped plastic bag if they are not waterproof.


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