Mauritius is filled with mystical waterfalls that are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed and one of them is the famous Chamarel Waterfall! You’ll ask locals and visitors to Mauritius to suggest their favorite waterfalls and this little one will surely make its way on top of the list! We can’t blame them as this is truly a gem on the island and it is a feast for the eyes and soul!

We like to believe that this waterfall holds both historical and natural significance for Mauritius as it showcases old volcanic formations of few million years along with the most beautiful natural phenomenon of falling water. Bonus point is that swimming is permitted at the waterfalls and it is quite accessible (in case you would like to take a dip, which we highly recommend)!

The waterfall is sourced by a nearby river; namely River Saint-Denis that streams its pure waters along the proximate villages and gently snaking its way to form a magnificent waterfall for you to enjoy and relish on! Mother Nature won’t stop surprising us! This place will surely leave you in awe if you’re one who enjoys everything connected with nature!


Quelques Conseils de Mauritius Explored:

  • La cascade peut également être appréciée au sommet d’un point de vue situé à côté de la Terre des 7 Couleurs


Ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 17h

Entrée 4€


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