This beautiful colonial house is bound to take you back to Mauritius’ yesteryears. Fun fact: it was previously owned by the English and French aristocrats back the 19th century (some kind of home away from home for them to reside at) and consists of more than 100 doors; we too wonder which entrance they used to favor the most because 100 doors is definitely something you don’t hear on the daily basis!


The house itself is a real museum which depicts life back then. You’ll find pictures, antiques, historical books and other items that are sure to bring you back to a bygone era. In fact, the spot looks like straight out of a postcard. It projects a mysterious atmosphere as it is one clear distinction from the other buildings you will find across the island. Time to put on your tiara and feel like a princess strolling around her mansion.


Both the inside and outside of the colonial house portray an elegant ambience. Eventually the interior, like exterior have been modernized throughout the years but it still does give that “historic mansion” feeling. It sits on a beautiful lush garden surrounded by immaculate lawns to relish on.

Beyond being just a house and a museum, Eureka is also home to an array of local plants species such as mango trees and other endemic plants- Ebenier, Tatamaka, Bois de Pomme (to name a few)…


Of course you will think “what is so special about it being a colonial house and museum?”
But did we mention that waterfalls are the bodyguards of this majestic house? They frame and guard the surroundings. It’s as if you were in wonderland or at least at some far-away land… Mother Earth is indeed such a talented landscape artist!


Feeling peckish? Worry not as it also features a restaurant. Envision local delicacies, seated in a 19th century colonial house overlooking a picturesque garden to the sound of waterfalls. We bet you’ll want to retire here!


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Drop by their souvenir shop for some ultimate gifts for friends and relatives; we promise they’ve got more than just fridge-magnets and keychains 🙂


Colonial house, waterfall, restaurant & souvenir shop!


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