Looking for places to discover the long and rich history of Mauritius and its people? Look no further and head over to Le Chateau de Labourdonais.


By now, you’re probably aware of Mauritius’ multiculturalism and its influence from past colonies but the island’s history is much more than that. Spending a day at Le Chateau de Labourdonais reveals all that is unknown to you – several facts about the major island of Mauritius.

Experience, learn and immerse yourself in what makes the island so unique in its history, fine arts and people. Le Chateau de Labourdonais is itself an encyclopedia of history- it dates back to 1856!


At Le Chateau de Labourdonais, you get to stroll around a beautiful colonial architecture and exquisite landscapes as the estate features an array of endemic plants. On-site you will also find a distillery and a few orchards producing jams, fruit jellies and juices and rum eventually. Your visit at Le Chateau de Labourdonais is inclusive of a tasting session as well. The best thing is that you can even purchase all of these fresh and locally produced items to bring them back with you. These too make great and savoury gifts for your friends and relatives who have been envying your holidays to Mauritius!


Le Chateau de Labourdonais is located within the Domaine which extends over hectares of land and features offices, schools, orchards, a distillery, a yoga barn and much more!

Your visit should also count in a lunch stop at the restaurant which specializes in local delicacies – the authentic Mauritian Creole cuisine that is to die for!


Le Chateau de Labourdonais is also an ideal location for your special events covering parties and wedding – the setting at night is so dreamy that you’ll feel like it is straight out of a fairy-tale.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • You will fall in love with their fruit jellies, be sure to stock on tons of them back home!


Enjoy the Table du Chateau restaurant, a few meters away from the Chateau

Open everyday from 9am to 5pm


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