Although “Cheri” (translating to “darling”) might sound familiar to you, it isn’t the one you hear around. We’re kind of killing the romantic vibes but we’re here because we take tea time very seriously and we think you should too!


Besides being popular for its sugar cane fields, Mauritius does host tea plantations too! In fact, the town of Bois Cheri is home to the island’s oldest tea plantation which happens to be the name held by the local tea brand too. The tea plantation is one of the best places to see when in Mauritius as it features its own tea factory and museum so that one can witness the process of tea production. It is the perfect way to learn about the history of Mauritius and how tea production has evolved since then. Get your tasting palates ready for some serious tea degustation!


The plantation is equivalent to those you will find around India and Sri Lanka and offers views that are to die for! Bois Cheri Tea Plantation is also a stop along the Mauritian Tea Route which features the Domaine Des Aubineaux, followed by Bois Cheri and thirdly the Saint Aubin. This whole day tour takes approximately 7 hours but you may wish to head directly to Bois Cheri as they are one of the finest tea producers on the island.


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Try your best to head there on a Wednesday or Thursday as the factory does not open to public visits on a daily basis.
  • Stock up on some tea packets. These make great gifts to your friends and relatives as they are 100% authentic!


One of the step of the Mauritian Tea Route!

Bois Cheri

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