The Lighthouse of Pointe aux Caves (Albion) is situated on the West Coast of Mauritius, and is an emblem for that region. The lighthouse began construction in 1909 and was finally inaugurated in 1910. The structure rises up to 30 Meters high and offers an excellent view over the region. Visits to the lighthouse will require an authorisation letter which can be obtained by requesting with the Mauritius Ports Authority, since the latter is responsible for the site. Once you receive the letter by post you can present yourself at the Lighthouse and the visit hopefully can start. It is somehow recommended to avoid very windy days as if you intend to climb out of the dome you should be very careful, especially if you are afraid of heights.


P.S This is Mauritius’ only operational lighthouse but can we also add to the fact that there’s even a natural pool … and cliffs and … CAVES!?


These must definitely be the reasons why Albion Lighthouse (also known as Pointe-aux-Caves) has been the star of various movies and short films during recent years; it does depict a perfect mariners’ scene! This iconic emblem of sea-travel is located on the west coast of Mauritius and dates back to over a century old (completed in 1910). Believe it or not; it still offers navigation assistance to ships approaching the coasts of Mauritius. In fact, it is the only fully-operational lighthouse in Mauritius as of today. You will notice that it flashes twice, every 10 seconds for signal purposes.


Albion is not only about its lighthouse but also about other elements that add on to its uniqueness. The surroundings are bordered by wild cliffs that serve as crying shoulders to the crashing waves from the nearby rough seas. Making your way down the cliffs, you will also be directed to secret caves inhabited by birds and bats; avoid disturbing them ???? The view from the cliffs is mesmerizing although you might get splashed by the waves. If you would like to spend more time in the area; take a dip at its natural pool – a small pond formed by rock formations- big enough for your group of friends. Beer in one hand; there truly is no better sunset spot!


A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Please avoid getting too close to the cliffs’ edge.
  • Visiting the area at night might be dangerous due to the cliffs and rough seas.


Lighthouse & Cliff


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