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PURE Lux Belle Mare


We managed to catch up with Javed, event organizer of the PURE Lux Belle Mare #MauritiusUnwavering and we went through some points of his next event. In full preparation, he will launch the second round of festive party in the coming weeks, “bigger and better“at Lux Belle Mare and Salt. A music festival bringing local talents together for 3 days.

It’s already the second edition of the Mauritius Unwavering festival; did you have time to rest since the first edition in August?

It was indeed a race since August and no time for our team to rest but we enjoyed the ride beautifully! It was an easy decision to fix the date of the second edition of the “Mauritius Unwavering” festival in October as we are only able to set up the whole week-end concept while borders are closed. We must not forget that we are the only country able to organize such big festivals right now and I tend to see the bright side of the road. For our team, it is important to help boost local tourism, generate revenue for our partner LUX* Resorts and hotels and make people happy when events and tourism are simply cancelled in the other parts of the world.

How is the response so far compared to the first edition?

Response is incredibly better! We have already sold all the suites at LUX* Belle Mare and privatized Salt of Palmar as our second resort to host the increasing demand. We are talking about 233 rooms / 466 nights for the weekend which is approximately 70% more people staying on site compared to the first edition. Moreover, we also sold more passes as at now. The previous 3,900 clients who came for the first edition have enjoyed the experience, booked their rooms and passes again and talked to their friends. Also, as no one can travel, we are offering a world-class festival with an offer which will please frequent travelers stuck on the island.

Tell us more about this offer?

Last edition was our first 3-day festival, and we have enjoyed the great feedback from clients but also listened to constructive criticism to improve the experience. LUX* is known for their luxury hotels and LUX* Belle Mare is the jewel of the group, ranked among the 25th best luxury resorts in the world; Hence combined with our 3-day of non-stop party concept, hosting the cream of the crop of the local artists in 4 different scenes – including the designer hotel Salt of Palmar which is becoming an entire music stage – the offer is unique and one we can only execute when tourists are not here.

PURE Events at Lux in mauritius

Anything to say about the food and beverage offer?

You have the choice between the Michelin starred Chefs restaurant Amari with a mentalist show both Friday and Saturday nights; Duck Laundry, the high-end Asian restaurant; the Salt Culinary & Zen Festival included in your room package if you booked at Salt (only 20 rooms left, be quick!); And food stations next to all scenes.  

We will have bars displayed on each stage with a regular and VIP area. Our main partners Gister Beer & KOTE Vins and Spirits are setting-up beautiful bars with great offers. You will never get dry!

Lux belle Mare Resort in Mauritius

What day do you recommend?

We indeed give the option to buy a day pass, but the ultimate experience happens when you attend the 3 days which are completely different from one to another. We have worked on a flow for the experience to reach a “crescendo” and increased the hours of the festival. Honestly, either take a week-end package at Salt of Palmar (LUX* Belle Mare is already sold-out) or a 3-day package – VIP of course – to enjoy the premium experience.

How do you choose the artists?

We have many talented artists on the island, and we seized this opportunity to work with various of them, many of which we never worked with before. For example, we have booked “Guru et la Tribu” which is a band who plays “Mystical Electronic Music” with instruments like Sitar & Tabla; I never would have had a chance to book them in our usual format. Same goes for the pianist virtuoso Olivier David!

At LUX* Belle Mare, we have the “K Bar” perfect to host live concerts; That is how we decided to include Rock Bands in our festival and book Crossbreed Supersoul and Morigan.

A Last word?

I am grateful to still be able to organize events when all my friends around the world, festival owners and artists, cannot live their passion. We will continue to create original concepts and promote local artists in Mauritius while giving a hand to the tourism sector and our partners #MauritiusUnwavering 

For More Information About PURE Lux* Belle Mare 

Facebook Event Page : Link here 

Ticket Sale : Link here

Stages, Festival Maps, Salt Culinary & Zen Festival and more…



PURE Lux Belle Mare in Mauritius

PURE Lux Belle Mare in Mauritius


The 4 stages are being set-up to enhance your experience:
1. “Back in Childhood” Party at Beach Rouge on Friday and Ocean Party on Saturday
2. “Persian Empire” at Salt of Palmar on Saturday
3. “ROCK’IN’LUX*” at K Bar on Saturday
4. “Closing Party” at Main Pool, LUX* Belle Mare on Sunday

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