Have a chic picnic into the wild at Heritage Nature Reserve

How would you feel about enjoying a glass of Prosecco and a delightful picnic into a tropical forest next to a campfire? Sounds amazing huh? Although Mauritius is well-known for its sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons, it also has lush and green vegetation such as the natural sanctuary Heritage Nature Reserve nestled in the Domaine de Bel Ombre, blessed with tropical flora and endemic fauna. You can discover this amazing place while enjoying a back to nature experience near the foot of the Frédérica waterfalls.

Starting this wonderful experience with a drive around the nature reserve of 1 300 hectares in the Land Rover already sets the mood. You just feel like sitting back and relaxing whilst your experienced guide takes you for a tour. Admire the breathtaking view on the ocean from the sugar cane fields and when you enter the natural sanctuary of Heritage Nature Reserve, watch the stags parade majestically in the vast plains, take a look at the many treasures of the Mauritian biodiversity and impressive waterfalls, enjoy the peace and quiet of the tropical forest…

When you get to the picnic spot, you cannot help but be amazed by the perfect setting… The firepit, the hammock, the hanging tree pod, the lounging area, everything has been carefully selected for your comfort while blending in the surroundings.

It is the perfect place to reconnect with nature while enjoying quality family time or a great afternoon with friends. Your driver will assist in lighting up the fire pit and setting up the picnic.

From now on, you can expect a 5-star service immersed in nature. Lounge around next to the river, sip on your wine and close your eyes to enjoy the tranquillity. If you are feeling more adventurous, take a dip in the river; you can even swing from a rope directly into the cool and refreshing waters, play Molky or Tic Tac Toe or explore your surroundings by going for a little walk that will leave you hungry for the next part of the day: lunch!

The perfect picnic calls for perfect picnic food … And you won’t be disappointed! Nibble on veggies and delicious smoked marlin for starters while enjoying a crisp and smooth Prosecco. The first course of octopus and shrimp salads as well as the delightful parma bruschetta set by your guide will surely prepare you for the main event.

Take your time to savor your meal taking in the surroundings and breathing in the fresh air. Who would’ve thought you could also have exquisite hot meals into the wild? After succulent lamb and beef keftas, chicken skewers, corn on a cob with a variety of palmheart and breadfruit salads, you will be dreaming of taking a long nap in the hammock or in the pod

But you really should wait for the treasure box: an assortment of desserts with macarons, chocolate, Mauritian nougat and coconut sweets. It’s with a sense of contentment that you will lie down to finally take the time to enjoy where you are and what an amazing experience this day at Heritage Nature Reserve was.

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