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Green Tourism in Mauritius: eco-conscious visitors, you shall be served!

Mauritius has been a choice destination for tourists for decades. It has pristine beaches and its climate is ideal, with temperatures ranging from 12 to 38 °C. An association that is seldom made in the descriptions of Mauritius, however, is the beauty of its inland vistas and its luxuriant greenery. If you consider yourself a supporter of Green Tourism, know that the tourism industry of Mauritius has adopted eco-responsible initiatives since the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.


What is Green Tourism?

Green Tourism is known under two other names Sustainable Tourism and Eco Tourism. The tropical island of Mauritius is qualified as a Small Island Developing State by the United Nations (UN). In this respect, the evolution of the country, and its economy’s development is made under the principles of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The major goal of Green Tourism is the preservation of the environment and climate through sustainable means. It is not a simple tag or marketing slogan. Green Tourism initiatives have to fulfil SDG requirements before being recognised as valid.


How Mauritius is becoming a proponent of Eco Tourism

With a rise in consciousness in the tourism industry of Mauritius, there has been a positive shift towards the effective implementation of SDG requirements. Coastal hotels all around the country have implemented water treatment systems to avoid water wastage, for instance. More interesting are the lodges and outdoor companies that offer Green Tourism packages. If you have come to Mauritius before but only enjoyed the coastal activities, you will certainly want to indulge in this variant of the island’s tourist experience.

Inland activities for Green Tourists

At Otentik Eco Tent Experience, for example, you have the possibility to enjoy a stay in rustic wooden huts, covered with tents. There are also outdoor companies that provide packages for tourists who wish to spend their holidays exploring the inner island’s nature. Just imagine sliding into your favourite boots, slapping on some sunscreen, and heading out for adventure. Mountain trekking and climbing, swimming in rivers and waterfalls canyoning are all available on the menu!


Green Tourism possibilities through Social Media

With the advent of Social Media, there are local guides that have set up trekking or camping groups. This type of Green Tourism initiative gives visitors the opportunity to mingle with the locals, to support local communities, and to see areas where the traditional hotels would not habitually take them.

Mauritius is a fragile island in the middle of the Indian Ocean with a fragile Eco-system.


We want to make Mauritius a leading and sustainable destination.

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