Whale Watching in Mauritius

Whale you always love Mauritius? We bet yes!
There’s absolutely no reason for, but here’s an option to consider what to do in Mauritius so that you don’t end your vacation with a sigh! There’s indeed nothing quite like the experience of getting up close to a giant of the ocean; and if you’re there at the right time and right season, Mauritius will again surprise you. So grab your camera, click and “ooh” for some hours! One of the best activities to do and a once in a lifetime experience.

Additional Info

Whale watching in Mauritius is an indescribable experience that takes place in the deep sea. There are several types of whales that visit throughout the year but the most common of them are sperm whales; for sure the rich abundance of fish ensures they make the waters of the west coast their home. Oh and did you know? The sperm whale has the largest brain of any animal in the world! This might be a unique opportunity for you to spot them! The are the permanent resident of the west coast, and can be seen all year round. In winter they come closer the the mainland but in summer, stay further out in the ocean.

If you are visiting throughout July to November, you will come across some Humpback whales( the big one that jump out of the ocean), passing through our waters for breeding and sheltering. We don’t blame them as the waters in the west coast of the island are calm and warming; a total different scene for them to take refuge before their journey back to the icy waters of the arctic

Where to see whales in Mauritius ?

Most whale watching tours depart from the west coast at Black River. from the beach, you can see them at Le Morne (south end) .You can see them from the cliffs at Flic en Flac , Albion and Gris Gris in winter.

A few tips by Mauritius Explored:
•We highly recommend a sunrise tour for the most memorable whale watching photos! You’ll thank us for that!

Whale Watching – 3 Hours

  • Price per Adult:59 Euro
  • Price per Child (ages 5-12): 39 Euro

Exclusive Whale Watching – 3 Hours

  • For the Exclusive Whale Watching (up to 8 passengers): 456 Euro

Exclusive-Private Swim With Dolphins & Whale Watching

  • Price for the Exclusive Swim with Dolphins & Whale Watching (up to 8 passengers): 580 Euro

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