Seven Waterfalls (Tamarind Falls)

If you know a little bit of French, you would already know what this is about but if not; well, just think seven waterfalls! Not one, not two but 7!! Oh yes, you got it; it isn’t just simply your typical waterfall in the middle of a lush forest! This location is one of the most outstanding natural phenomena to relish on when in Mauritius. The way to the waterfalls also promises spectacular observation points where you will be able to feast your eyes with some pretty good views of the coast of Mauritius.

Additional Info

You’ll also be able to have a perfect shot of all 7 waterfalls at some point; but not only; as you may wish to take a dip in one of the several fresh water ponds there. What an amazing reward after a bit of hiking. You won’t want to leave this place! With dim phone signal and clear skies, 7 Cascades is the perfect place to take a step back from life and simply connect with your inner self.

Throughout the years, they’ve also discovered that there were more than just 7 waterfalls; rumor has it that it totals up to 11! The location is also ideal for some canyoning adventure. 7 Waterfalls has its own unique take on this fun sport; it’s a good way to see the region while getting yourself a bit of workout at the same time! We know you must have been going a little cray-cray with all of the Mauritian delicacies so it’s a good way to burn that fat out 😉

A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • We highly suggest wearing some comfortable shoes and clothes (as well as a spare set).
  • Bring at least 2 litres of water
  • If you are staying at a hotel, leave a message stating your expected return time

How to go to Seven waterfall 

  • If you go by bus, get in the Bus at Vacoas „Bord Cascades or Henrietta“ It’s the last stop

Hiking Trip – Tamarind Falls – Full Day

Shared basis Hiking Trip – Tamarind Falls – Full day

  • Price per participant: 69 Euro /person

Exclusive Hiking Trip – Tamarind Falls – Full Day

  • Total price for Exclusive Hiking Trip – Tamarind Falls – Full Day (up to 2 participants): 240 Euro
  • Supplement for any additional participant: 85 Euro

Hiking Trip – Tamarind Falls – Half Day

Operating Days:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday (Fixed days of hike with no minimum number of people)
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (On demand hike with groups of 4+ people)


  • Price per Participant: 49 Euro (Minimum age requirement: 10 years old) 

Canyoning Excursion – Tamarind Falls – Half Day

  • Starting point: Tamarind Falls reservoir gate
  • Trip duration: starting at at 8:30 am and finishing at around 13:00
  • The following will be provided: technical equipments including all rope gears (harnesses, helmets etc.), backpack, snacks & water
  • It is recommended to bring the following: swimsuit, towel, hiking or sport shoes, insect repellent, and spare shoes & clothes.
  • Minimum age requirement: 10 years old and above (must be accompanied by at least one parent)
  • Please don’t bring with you jewels, watches, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Weight Limitation: 125 kg Max
  • Price per person for the Tamarind Falls Canyoning trip: 85 Euro
Seven waterfall in Mauritius

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