The Le Caudan Waterfront is located in the Capital Port-Louis. The name of Le Caudan Waterfront comes from a famous figure of the past, Jean Dominique Michel de Caudan, who came to former Isle de France from Languedoc (a department in the South of France).

Several popular spots of Le Caudan Waterfront bear a strong historical significance. The first meteorological observatory of the Indian Ocean now hosts the Food Court and the Namasté restaurant. The building hosting the Blue Penny Museum was the former Docks office.

Not your typical strolls at a waterfront! Located in the busy city of Port-Louis, Le Caudan Waterfront is a favourite meet-up point for any local and visitor. It is the ultimate luxury shopping on the island. It features a range of shops and eateries along with two hotels, a cinema, a casino, a museum and many more activities to occupy the whole family for days on end!

Le Caudan Waterfront is easily accessible as it is conveniently located and everyone knows about it! You will also find great souvenirs shop there but there is much more to see as well. An amazing waterfront view that seas several ships and yachts throughout the day. The establishment also welcomes several events and is a must-visit during the festive season; being beautifully decorated along with some great ambiance.  Upon your visit to Le Caudan Waterfront, your mind will wander and wonder, leading to the inevitable question: Why aren’t there more places like this?


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