Ile aux Cocos, Located at 4 km to the west of Rodrigues.Ile aux Cocos is enchanting: white beaches, turquoise water, filao trees, coconut palms, and the vast lonely expanse of the sea. The lagoon around the Cocos Island is of shallow water and at some places it is possible to see the corals and rocks above the water surface.

This small island, emerging from the lagoon is a beautiful nature reserve and has become one of the main tourist attractions of Rodrigues. The island is covered with coconut trees, casuarina trees and has a long fine sandy beach.

Thousands of birds flutter about three meters overhead. White gulls, gannets, frigate birds, ‚yéyés‘, and ‚maçois‘ have all found refuge here for us to admire. Some of them are unique in the world.

In order to visit Cocos Island it is required to get a proper authorization. This authorization is usually obtained by tour operators only as part of organized tours. Also, part of Cocos Island cannot be visited and is closed for the public.

A few tips by Mauritius Explored:

  • Do not disturb the birds
  • Full day activity


Nature Reserve

Ile aux Cocos

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